Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a web developer with a penchant for design and programming. I take pride in my ability to adapt to any project and feel comfortable working on both the frontend and backend. When I'm not working I'm writing music with my band, hanging out with my family or playing video games.

Keep scrolling to check out my work. If you are interested in working together, or just want to say hey, drop me a line at chriswahlfeldt@gmail.

Regency Multifamily Properties
Approximatley 12 sites and counting. This project allowed me to create a solid foundation for multiple sites to be created and maintained under a common codebase.

Regency Multifamily
This project was completed to showcase what Regency Multifamily has to offer. Its also used as a tool for investors to share information.

Villa is a new retirement community in my hometown. The site was a reskin of an older Wordpress installation.

This site was created to market and sell highly complex scientific equipment.

Used by Watson's and Blackdog in Champaign IL. The project started off as a Meteor application but has since been ported to React Native + Firebase.

City of Urbana
The City of Urbana uses this site as a tool to share and access information regarding the cities political efforts.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System need a site to use an internal tool as well as a way to market their special police training courses.

Blackdog is an award winning barbeque resturant in my hometown. This was a pro bono project from along time ago which reminds me that they need a new site!